Our camera security & webcam partner

Brighton CCTV specialises in CCTV system design, installation and maintenance for commercial / residential and public sectors. Covering Brighton & Hove and all along the south coast.

Brighton CCTV is our official CCTV security partner and also manages the live webcams online. With a vast array of cameras and security systems set up around the site, our guests, staff and investors can be sure Brighton i360 is monitored 24/7 365.

We have an impressive and diverse portfolio that ranges from small retail units to high street chains, towering office blocks, tourist attractions and municipal buildings, along with residential homes, flats and multipurpose buildings looking to secure the property.

All installations that we install are a minimum of 1080p resolution (High Definition), it’s the equivalent quality of Sky TV in HD. Gone are the days of the fuzzy CCTV image in black and white, this quality enables our clients to look at highly detailed images, which can be used as police evidence, staff protection and even transactions on a cash register to keep track of your business to every detail.

The equipment we use can provide almost unlimited configurations, from 360 vision, motion detection, remote control movement, night vision and much more. Our system partner Hikvision produces industry-leading equipment that you can rely on to keep your CCTV security running smoothly.

Our team has over 30 years experience installing and maintaining simple to extremely complex multi-camera (150+ cameras) systems. With security audits and schematic planning, you can be sure all spots are covered by our installations.

With a fixed webcam installed on a local hotel opposite Brighton i360, we provide a live stream to visitors via the web. It’s been monitoring the progress of the build for over a year and we’re all excited to see the launch of Brighton i360.

Brighton CCTV can design and install high-resolutionn systems to suit all budgets. Excellent customer service is paramount to us, starting with our Free Site Survey and continuing with ongoing help and support through our remote maintenance monitoring.

If you are interested in our services for your home or business, please drop us an email to i360@brightoncctv.co.uk or call 01273 782323.